Polarized Sunglasses For Men

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Our Polarized Sunglasses boast a sleek, classic pilot shape that is designed to provide superior style and comfort. Pilot shaped sunglasses never go out of style. Crafted from durable metal frames, these sunglasses are equipped with anti UVA and anti UVB technology that will make sure your eyes are fully protected from the sun's rays. Available in five different polarizing color variations, in silver and gold frames, you can find the perfect color for you. From silver frame grey, gold frame grey, silver frame blue, gold with red grey, and gold frame tea, our polarized sunglasses offer a fashionable and functional touch to your daily look. Imported. Free shipping. Estimated delivery: 10 days.

Function: anti UVA anti UVB 
Polarization color classification: silver frame gray, gold frame gray, silver frame blue, gold with red gray, gold frame tea.
Shape: pilot
Frame Material: Metal