Moissanite Round-Shaped Drop Earrings

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Made of gem-quality silicon carbide, Moissanite offers exceptional fire and brilliance, often mistaken for diamonds. Its superior hardness ensures long-lasting beauty and heirloom quality. Expertly cut and polished, Moissanites can surpass the standard of diamonds on the market.

Discover the elegance and sustainability of Moissanite. Sourced ethically and environmentally friendly, Moissanite is perfect for the socially conscious. Originating from a meteorite 50,000 years ago, these faceted gemstones offer a unique touch to any outfit.

Moissanite is a highly stable alternative to diamonds. Its exceptional stability ensures it maintains its sparkle and color over time, making it the ideal choice for those seeking long-lasting jewelry. With its superior heat resistance, Moissanite is truly a reliable and timeless choice. Ships from overseas. Ships free. Estimated delivery time: 9-12 days. 524TRENLC6483724915

  • Features: Moissanite, each earring has 1 ct moissanite, the total is 2 ct
  • Material: 925 sterling silver, moissanite, rhodium-plated, zircon (accent stones)
  • Care: Avoid wearing during exercise, as sweat will react with the jewelry to produce silver chloride and copper sulfide. Product measurements:

Length: 0.9 in (2.383 cm)

Width: 0.5 in (1.331 cm)

Moissanite: 2 carat