Moonstone Butterfly Clavicle Necklace

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Moonstone Butterfly Clavicle Necklace. Moonstone is a real gemstone. It has a pearly luster. Moonstone is made of two minerals: orthoclase and albite, which form in stacked layers within the stone. 

Moonstone is a sought-after stone for its unique, mysterious glow effect. It's a stunning gemstone that can be found around the world and is especially captivating. From the popular Rainbow Moonstone, which has a milky appearance with a blue sheen, to the more transparent and bluer varieties, Moonstone has something for everyone. This stunning gem has a beautiful iridescent quality and is a great way to add a hint of style and sophistication to any piece of jewelry. Whether you're looking to add a sparkle of class to a necklace or a finishing touch to an elegant bracelet, our Moonstone collection has you covered. Imported. Ships free. Expected delivery: 10-15 days. 923CJDNLC2191654836

Product Information:
Applicable gender: female
Color Classification: [Moon and Butterfly] Necklace
Material: Moonstone
Popular element: butterfly