925 Sterling Silver Inlaid Moissanite Huggie Earrings

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925 Sterling Silver Inlaid Moissanite Huggie Earrings. Moissanite is a gemstone. Moissanite is quite rare and therefore must be created in a lab. It is more expensive than cubic zirconia. Moissanite is extremely durable and tough and second only to diamonds in its ability to resist scratching and abrasion. Includes a matching box. Imported. Free shipping. Allow about 13-14 days.

  • Style: Modern, fashion
  • Appearance: Round
  • Material: 925 sterling silver, Moissanite
  • Craft: Polished
  • Care: While wearing the pearl necklace, avoid exposure to the sun and contact with highly volatile substances such as perfume and hairspray, as it will easily fade in color and lose its luster.
  • Imported
  • Product measurements: Diameter: 0.3 in (0.8 cm) Each earring: 0.07 carat Total: 0.14 carat Weight: 0.05 oz (1.3 g)

No certificate of authenticity from the GRA gemological research association (GRA), for these earrings because a single Moissanite has fewer carats (less than 0.3 carats).